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The PTA is the largest volunteer child advocacy organization in the United States. We promote involvement in community and education to provide support for educators and students. In this day, when respect for the teaching profession and underfunding of education has reached epidemic proportions, PTA stands united to promote change and to encourage the need to provide equity in education for all our children. 

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Every Child,
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What Exactly Do We Do?
The PTA is a volunteer organization that focuses on enrichment programs that enhance the education of children. 

We also provide support for our teachers, who at this time in our society, are underappreciated more than ever!
What Kind of Programs?
All kinds!

There is not a standard list of enrichment programs a school is mandated to do. School PTAs can be creative and purposeful in providing programs and activities that will benefit the unique needs of their school. 

Some PTAs sponsor Battle of the Books, family skate nights, Red Ribbon and Bullying awareness events, Reading Buddies, Math Nights, Choir, Orchestra, Plays, After School Activities that host Tumbling, Tae Kwon Do, Lego Club, Art Club, Running Club... 

If you think your child has a great school, it's most likely because they have a great PTA full of parents willing to committ time and resources to make it the school their kids deserve. 

So come join us. We make a difference in your child's education, but we can do better if you are there too.
Contact Us
Mountain View Council PTA serves the Mountain View feeder schools, which consists of 5 elementary schools, one junior high, and Mountain View High School.

While the time commitment to the MV Council is significantly less than what is required at the local school level, we still need your help!

Please let us know how you can help! 

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Mountain View Council PTA
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